In March of 2020, the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild's board and anniversary committee was hard at work planning a party to celebrate our guild's first decade. Just two weeks before the party, we made the difficult decision to postpone our celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The prospect of being isolated from fellow guild members at a time when we had planned to come together and reflect on our legacy was disheartening. To keep us connected and boost morale during the early days of the pandemic, the Chicago MQG 10th anniversary mini quilt challenge was announced. Guild members were encouraged to make a small quilt that visually represented what our guild has meant to them over the years.

When the guild's board voted to postpone our anniversary party, we thought we'd be rescheduling by only a couple of months. Initially, our goal was to hang these minis at our party in a small exhibit. No one could have predicted that 8 meetings later, our guild would still be meeting virtually. While we eagerly await the day that we can gather together in person again, we are delighted to present our guild's celebratory quilts in this virtual exhibit. Themes of transformation, growth, friendship, fellowship, joy, longing, and creativity are explored in our members' work.

After ten years of creating and building bonds together, our members have worked to maintain the special magic of the Chicago MQG while apart - the kindness, support, and friendship that is more valuable during these tumultuous times than ever before. When our guild comes together in ten more years to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we will remember this time. Besides reflecting on the heartache of this pandemic, the stress of the presidential election, and the country's much needed social justice movements, we will remember how we celebrated each other. A postcard from a friend, a socially distanced visit on the back porch, a fat quarter sent through the mail, sewing together on zoom - these small acts of friendship have kept us connected and fueled our creativity. The Chicago MQG's 10th anniversary mini challenge also brought us together, allowing us the creative space to reflect on our past and dream of our future.


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